Since this room is in the middle of the house, away from sources of sunlight, we wanted to make it bright. This is achieved in part by employing tremendously tall deep carved glass doors set into an automatic closer. The basis for the fantasy motif is the client's children. The walls are decorated with peach coloured beveled mirror contributing to the sensation of brightness and an aura of unending space.
     On the ceiling, to perpetuate the ceaseless perception, we constructed a three dimensional suspended beam structure cladding it with blue beveled mirror in a 32 degree angle, which accomplishes a multitude of reflections.
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This large (52" x 140") dining table (also seen in our Glass Tables & Furniture gallery), which seats 14 people at a 22" (56mm) seating, is made with 1" (24mm) thick glass. The rosewood base is made in a star shape depicting earth, sky and water - the basics of life. Holding it together is another 3/4" (19mm) thick glass with a beautiful lady sitting with her arms spread out, and her arms extending into peacock feathers. These peacock feathers are then continued onto the table top which can be seen from the top. We designed the deeply tufted comfortable chairs and had fourteen custom made to fit around the table.


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