The Baroque Era (1600-1750)

The visual arts during the Baroque period were celebrated as never before, as individual patrons such as popes, kings, and emperors began commissioning masterpieces throughout Europe for the first time in history. The Baroque style of art, which blended elements from the naturalist and classicist schools, is characterized by grandeur, vitality, and emotional exuberance. Baroque painters include Michelangelo Merisi (Caravaggio), Annibale Carracci, and Rembrandt van Rijn. In addition, a particular Baroque style of painting which arose in Rome in the 1620s culminated in the impressive painted ceilings and church decor of Pietro da Cortona, Guido Reni, and Il Guercino.

Perhaps the most beloved Baroque architect and sculptor is Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini, who designed the "baldachin" (canopy) above the famed altar of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Baroque architecture emphasized monumentality, movement, dramatic spatial and lighting sequences, and a rich interior decoration using contrasting surface textures, vivid colors, and luxurious materials.




Extracted from Eras of Elegance


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