Windows from Artistic Glass provide a decorative and practical alternative to curtains or other window coverings.  They can provide the level of privacy desired and accent the interior.

Whether you are an architect, designer, builder or private individual, choose from thousands of available patterns and styles or have our artists create a truly original work of art that will accommodate your taste and complement your living space.

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This window is crafted in painted stained glass on clear hand blown antique glass from France with Chippendale border accents. Located in a two storey library in a private home this piece adds beauty and art creating a cozy atmosphere.

An Edwardian flower motif on soft veiled handmade glass was used to adorn 48 windows in this home.

A classic timeless design used here to complement the dining room furniture and to conceal a brick wall on the neighbouring side.

These proud hand blown antique stained glass windows with the family crest decorate a bright and airy work area with an antique desk. Pictured also is one of our elegant Tiffany lamps as well as an attractive glass banister.



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