This light hearted caricature of a family is one of three panels that include the clients' son and daughter. The mythical Roman god Neptune is accompanied by his mermaid spouse and myriad exotic sea creatures including sea horses, eels, coral and other fish. The painted stained glass process, through the use of colour and detail, makes this a lively and vivacious piece.Stained Glass Painted

The art of painting images on glass originates from medieval and Renaissance times. If affords the artist the ability to create more detailed images than with other types of stained glass with a wider range and mix of colours available.

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Situated on a stairway off a long landing, this impressive painted window chronicles a family's history and includes a family crest (the Order of Malta).

This window is crafted in painted stained glass on clear hand blown antique glass from France with Chippendale border accents. Located in a two storey library in a private home this piece adds beauty and art creating a cozy atmosphere.

Midland Shrine - High quality painted glass


Hand blown glass provides the background for this family crest which is part of a large painted window with an exquisite decorative border.

Glass painting with inspired motif made with silver stain, bistre brown and grisaille.

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