** Click here for a larger view ** -  The garden at St. Mary Immaculate Church on Yonge Street is home to this shrine featuring a 200 year old Carrera white marble Madonna. The 4' (1.2m) foundation is decorated with tri-colour inlaid stones and the octagon kneeler is clad with a pleasant coloured granite. The contrasting granite pedestal is produced in a conical shape to receive a pyramid glass enclosure made from 1/2" (12mm) reflecting tempered safety glass with door and lock. On the perimeter (not shown) are two semi-round granite benches on which to sit.Sculpture in Different Mediums

Our studio has proven it's versatility and skill by working in art styles and mediums other than glass.  The experience derived from working on large scale projects in glass and the calibre of our artists enables us to assist you with whatever special endeavour you may have.

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A statue depicting the Baptism of Jesus in bronze on a conical coloured marble pedestal and kneeler. The pedestal is etched and decorated on four sides in gold.

In this life-sized portrayal of the sixth station of the cross, Veronica wipes the face of Jesus. Hand carved in either natural lindenwood or hand-painted to desired finish. A variety of designs and motifs are available.


The entranceway to a house of worship is clad in 36" x 36" (91.5cm x 91.5cm) light coloured marble squares.  Cut three-dimensionally into the marble, Moses is shown parting the Red Sea and guiding the Israelites through the exodus. Several mediums are available for use with any design possible.


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