This window from a turn of the century house was painstakingly reassembled from many pieces.  With no picture or plan to follow as a guide, a great deal of skill and experience were required to accurately recapture the original character and beauty of this piece.Restoration

Restoration of antique windows is a time consuming but rewarding task. If done correctly, the history and character of the piece can be revived to once again provide beauty and enjoyment. Many factors need to be considered in the restoration process. The composition of the glass must be carefully studied. If the company that produced the piece is known, some clues to it's construction can be ascertained. The availability of replacement glass or materials needs to be determined and in lieu of the original material, skill is required to match the calibre and tonality of new glass to the old. The ravages of weathering, acid rain and other industrial pollutants often cause fragility, so the approach and tools used in restoration must be carefully weighed. Artistic Glass has the wisdom and experience to assist you with any restoration project you might have.


A faithfully restored Baroque window complements the Louis XlV, Chippendale and Biedermeier furniture in this well-appointed home. Artistic Glass has the classical background necessary to retain an essential period appropriateness.

Broken or shattered glass presents a particular challenge to the restorer. Reproducing the qualities and characteristics of the original make and manufacture of the glass requires a trained and experienced hand. Factors such as stain matching and firing temperature will have a bearing on how close a match is achieved.


This Church window, a target of vandals, required restorers skilled with 'tracing black' and grisaille to reconstruct over 1200 pieces.


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