This attractive foyer in a private home has 3/4" (19mm) clear deep carved glass doors with a motif developed from a photograph of the client's daughter. The window above, with a complementary design, bathes the entranceway in soft, glamorous light.Homes & Offices

Whether it's new construction, remodelling or upgrading that you need to accomplish in your home or office, Artistic Glass can provide unique design solutions and elements that are sure to add elegance, style and beauty to your space.

Some of the design elements we can provide are:
Carved glass • Faceted glass • Stained glass • Mosaic glass • Painted glass • Bent carved glass •Wall partitions • Stairways in glass • Dimensional mirror ceilings • Glass floors • Banisters with glass handrail • Glass furniture

Since this room is in the middle of the house, away from sources of sunlight, we wanted to make it bright. This is achieved in part by employing tremendously tall deep carved glass doors set into an automatic closer. The basis for the fantasy motif is the client's children.   (...more)

These breathtaking acid etched frosted doors in a corporate office are studded with sparkling faceted jewels fused to the exterior of the door. The imported jewels are highly polished crystal, catching the light from all directions.   (...more)

This airy residence incorporates a white oak banister in 1/2" (12mm) glass to contribute to the perception of openness, the clear glass allowing an unencumbered view. The division of the banister into small sections of glass allows it to follow the curved contour of the mezzanine without curving the glass itself. The work area has hand blown antique stained glass windows adorned by the family crest with an antique desk that sets off the space.

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A space used for entertaining uses a three dimensional bevelled glass peach and blue mirrored ceiling to instil a feeling of elegance and style. A glass bar and serving table stands in front of the grand piano.

A clear glass divider between the living room and hallway allows the bevelled bronze mirror on the hallway walls and ceiling to be seen from the living room. The stairs boast a striking clear glass banister and the clear glass table displays Eskimo art, making this hallway a glittering artistic gallery.

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These corporate conference room doors are 5/8" (19mm) clear tempered glass with an engraved beveled design, stainless steel fittings, automatic closer and electronic locks.

An Edwardian flower motif on soft veiled handmade glass was used to adorn 48 windows in this home.

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