Click for a larger image. The table (also seen in our Carving gallery), which seats 14 people at a 22" (56mm) seating, is made with 1" (24mm) thick glass. The base is made in a star shape depicting earth, sky and water - the basics of life. Holding it together is another 3/4" (19mm) thick glass with a beautiful lady sitting with her arms spread out, and her arms extending into peacock feathers. These peacock feathers are then continued onto the table top which can be seen from the top. We designed the deeply tufted comfortable chairs and had fourteen custom made to fit around the table. ... moreGlass Tables and Furniture

A timeless and eloquent expression of form and style, glass tables and furniture can add character and uniqueness to your living or work space. Using a variety of design elements, Artistic Glass can work with you to create a distinctive and artistic piece of furniture.

Fused Glass is a hot new medium in the glass industry. Artistic glass is proud of its accomplishments using this difficult yet exciting technique. It is a carefully controlled process that involves melting layers of glass together. The finished product is unlike any other style of glasswork resulting in an incredible interplay of colours. Here, this process is used to create glass tables 5' x 2' (170cm x 60cm) and 2' (60cm) in height.


Very unusual L-shaped coffee table with pyramid shaped glass pillars which are lit from underneath, set on teak wood for mobility, with beautifully polished OJ finishing on 3/4" (19mm) glass.

A bright, cheerful breakfast corner with a 3/4" (19mm) thick glass table top decorated with brilliantly cut crystal clear inversed bevels. A faceted base in a star shape made out of the same glass is supporting the top.


This octagon shaped fused glass table top is fixed to a handsome carved mahogany base.

This fused glass table top beautifully compliments the elegance of the carved wood base.


Unique frameless clear glass lectern with sparkling polished glass.

Drawing board with clear glass shelving and magnetic held doors.


Mosaic glass table in any size, any motif, any colour(s).


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