In order to present the full richness of colour, shape and form in our photographs and images, we have designed this site to display in "True Colour".  For optimum viewing we recommend that you change the colour settings on your computer to 24 or 32 bit colour and a screen size of 800 x 600 pixels as described below. Additionally, most computer monitors have a brightness/contrast adjustment and you may increase this up or down as desired.
Some of the features used in this site will work best or will only work (such as the randomly rotating collage on the home page) with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

To change the display settings on a Windows computer, click on the button, choose 'Settings' then 'Control Panel'.




Choose the 'Display' icon.






Then choose the 'Settings' tab.









Click the 'Colors' drop-down box and choose ...

... 'True Color (32 bit)' or 'True Color (24 bit)' depending on the computer, the higher number the better. 

Set the 'Screen area' slider button to '800 by 600 pixels' or higher as desired.

Then choose the 'OK' button.  Confirm the change. Some computers may request a restart.

Note that running True Colour and a larger screen area uses slightly more computer resources.


On a Macintosh computer, go to the Apple Menu, choose "Control Panels", select the "Monitors & Sound" control panel (it may say just "Monitors"). Select thousands of colors or higher. You may also use the color adjustment on your control strip. Note: you may need to restart your browser.


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