Dalle de Verre

Dalle de Verre, also known as 'slab' glass or 'faceted' glass, is a unique way of creating a wall which transmits light, provides aesthetics and is an integral part of the architectural structure. Originally used in Europe, this process is being adopted the world over due to it's strength, versatility and the possibilities it provides to designers and architects. The Dalle de Verre method is particularly appropriate with large spans of space and where structural strength is required. With 144 available colours there is virtually no design limit.

Using cemented 1" (24mm) thick glass pieces and the full palette of 144 colours this magnificent wall is both strong and beautiful. No second protective glass wall is needed as the durable material is virtually impervious to the elements.

These coloured slabs (above and below) are a high quality material, intended primarily for use by artists, architects and decorators, and can be employed either in their entirety, or broken into selected fragments for figurative or abstract art creations. Thus they are ideal for both ancient and modern windows of cemented coloured glass slabs, and all other art forms and applications in modern constructions, i.e. translucent walls, where light and richness of colour can combine to brighten our life and add interest to our existence.
(Above) A playful exterior wall in an elementary school welcomes the children with a colourful Noah's Ark scene. The animal motifs, both intriguing and interesting, invite the viewer to guess at their identity.
(Below) This intricate and imaginative wall in a corporate head office provides a brilliant colour play without disembarking from the office design and colour scheme.

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