This spectacular foyer with frameless clear glass entrance doors is deceptively secure, employing electric and magnetic power. The curved glass in front of the receptionist is the optimum in soundless sliding systems and uses Häfeles A.K.C. tracking. Particularly impressive is the second floor glass banister with curved and straight glass being held in position with custom made 1" stainless steel knobs, a brilliant finish to the sparkling glass. The decorative glass panels on the wall and the railing are adorned with objects of the firm's business. The stairs to the second floor are cleverly disguised behind a round sculptured pillar, decorated in green on tempered glass.Commercial

The Artistic Glass studios have produced many unique, one-of-a-kind projects. We have the capacity and experience to perform unusual commercial projects that are often avoided  by other firms in our industry. Our flexible and open-minded approach to design and execution allows us to work closely and co-operatively with the client.

The new Hilton Niagara Falls, built in 2000, is the tallest building overseeing Niagara Falls. With its majestic entrance hall and its free flowing glass banister and glass handrail, it gives the impression of an outside courtyard.
5/8" (15 mm ) curved and straight tempered glass sitting in a metal shoe where the glass is free standing with no support. 3.25"x 2" custom made semi round glass handrail is mounted on top of vertical glass and gives the feel of semi precious stone. This 156 metre glass railing is one of the most admired spaces in the hotel.

CTV, a major Canadian television broadcasting station, commissioned Artistic Glass to produce images of their news division's logos fused on crystal clear glass.

This rather unique car port in Toronto's city centre uses glass to introduce light into the vehicle area, provide privacy and to flatter the courtyard. Held in position by stainless steel brackets, tempered glass is engraved on both sides for a dimensional look and original effect. Maintenance-free stainless steel and aluminium beams are used. The electrically operated door is operated from the centre station off the kitchen facing the garden.

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