Artistic Glass is an established Toronto Company founded in 1969 by Joseph Aigner, born in Munich, Germany. He began learning in early childhood the centuries-old skills and traditions of stained glass from his father, a master craftsman, who in turn learned from his father. Studying at the Luiesen School of Art, Munich, for four years brought him into the Maische Academy of Art in Munich. During the following three years he travelled and studied in Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy and Israel where he worked designing, constructing and restoring stained glass windows in Cathedrals throughout Europe.

Visiting and studying with Charles Marg, principle owner of the stained glass Atelier Verre et Peinture in Reims, France allowed him to work in the environment of "Chagalls" large projects.

Herbert Fleckuer Atelier de Verre et Peinture in Fribourg, Switzerland. Joseph worked on commission on dem Schauspiel House in Bern, capital of Switzerland; on St.Theres Church in Lyon, France with the eminent designer and painter Yoki. Futhermore, he worked at the Hotel de Palace in St.Tropez with the world renowned Master Designer/Painter, Theodor Stravinsky, the brother of Igor Stravinsky (composer), and helped design, then he made and installed the stained glass windows for the Christian Prophet at the Basilica of Transfiguration in Nazaret, Israel.

Philip Bissiere Atelier de Verre et Peinture at rue Dijon, Paris, France. Joseph was commissioned to work on one of the main entrance hall windows at the Louvre, and to make some changes on one of the stained glass Windows at the Cathedral de Notre Dame. He also worked for several weeks at the Palace at Versailles rearranging some of the art pieces, putting them in the proper position.

Peal Faulter Glass Studio in Amsterdam, Holland. It was here that he was commissioned to do extensive work on the old City Hall which was built in 1436.

In 1974, Joseph received a Masters Degree in Stained Glass at the Meisterschule in Hadamar, Germany. The driving force behind Artistic Glass, he defines the style, and brings an old-world sensibility and knowledge of glass art to North America.


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